Letter to the lucky students of AMS


Dear students

I feel very honoured to write you this letter.

Last year, I was an alumnus at AMS. I participated in the MIM program. And together with 28 MIM-, and over 200 other FTM-students, I have been through the life you are going through right now.

And actually, I only have one message: enjoy the moments, the learning, and the people who surround you at this very moment. You will miss it all the years to come.

I will give you an example. Yesterday, three of us (alumni) visited the international dinner. We tasted the meals, put together by your cultural background, your efforts, and your love for your fellow students. After a rehab of 4 months – since we graduated at the end of June – it felt very special to once again enter the foyer. To see you all so happy and joyful. To see that, even you are only here for 2 months, you already embody what AMS is all about: ambition, friendship, openness, diversity.

You also were very cleaver in making some subtle changes to the event. In our days, there was no jury to score the food. You made the right choice in giving this major responsibility to Gilles De Clerck: one of AMS’ finest MIE-alumni.

Yet, it also felt very comforting to see that some things never change.

The Belgian students baked waffles,

The Indian students spiced things up a bit.

And Martin was there to keep a close eye to all of you.

By the way, you were very right in applauding the facility team so loudly at the end. During periods of exams, you will count on them as well to offer you some extra hot food, soup and sandwiches in the foyer. The facility team is one of the assets that make AMS unique.

Last year, the international dinner also was the start of this AMS student blog. If you go back in the archives of this blog, you will see that the first article published is about the international dinner. And about how it is one of the student council’s activities to bring you all together.

Please use this medium to tell each other and the outside world of your experiences. Not only are we all very interested, but by sharing an idea, by expressing yourself here, you can create new opportunities for yourselves or your class group – it happened before, so why couldn’t it happen to you? Take your shot, and let yourself be surprised by all the places this year will take.

At this moment, the alumni of the MIM program still meet up a lot. We partied together last week on a birthday evening, we all registered for an alumni event on December 8th, and we still bring up the good old memories of the year 2015-2016. But that is all I will tell you about what happened that night Wemeldinge, or in Maastricht for that matter.

Right now, you are at the start. But at the end, it will feel like this year only lasted a single moment. This is how fast it goes. You will also notice how fast you will grow. Know you can always count on the AMS-community to support and guide you. Your fellows, your program managers, your professors, and your alumni are here. Alive and kicking. So get out there. Find out what you want and what you are capable of – more than you can imagine. And get in touch if you feel the need, for whatever purpose.

Yes you can!

Kind regards,

-Louis Warlop-