Kick-off 2.0(17)


Due to some serious miscommunication and an inadequate division of assignments, we both wrote about the same event. Better communication… Let’s add that to our endless list of New Year’s resolutions, shall we? You now have two stories to choose from: do you prefer the insights of a MGM’er or a GSCM’er? As they would say it in ‘epic battles of history’: Who won? You decide!

The numerous shimmering lights have been put out, bare trees adorn the streets and turkeys can feel safe again: Christmas break sure is over! Time to get the second semester started!

As everyone slowly returns from their holidays, it’s time to officially welcome everyone back and have a… you can already guess what I am going to say… another KICK OFF! This time, we left the premises of AMS and came all together in the center of Berchem, in a lovely place called “The Nieuwe Vrede”. After hugging it out (for many, it was the first time they saw each other again) and having our usual cup of coffee or tea, we assembled in the big aula for a welcome speech of the dean.

On January 12th we found ourselves (no pun intended) in Berchem at De Nieuwe Vrede. Our dean, prof. Matthyssens welcomed us with a great New Year’s speech. During the day each program experienced a group intervision. It was time to look back at the first semester. What did we want to stop, start and keep doing? Did we have a (whether anonymous or not) message for each other? Maybe some useful feedback?

There were 4 workshops we could choose from: Yoga, Painting, Inner Balance & Resilience and Coping with stress; I went for Yoga and Inner Balance & Resilience. After doing two hours of these in India originated practises, I must honestly admit that Yoga IS a SPORT, no really, it IS!! When the teacher said we would be soar the next day, I was sceptic at first, but when I tried to get up the next morning… well…. places hurt that shouldn’t hurt, that’s all I’m saying.

After lunch there had been enough talking: it was time for action! We had the chance to participate in several workshops: yoga, painting, balance and resilience and coping with stress. This resulted in a quite interesting and from time to time hilarious afternoon. Never thought that yoga was that much fun, or that some of my classmates were that inflexible.

After lunch (you’ll never guess what we had for lunch), the workshop on Inner Balance started. We were paired up with students from other programs and we talked about a point in our life where we weren’t in balance with ourselves and how to get out of them. In addition, every class had a group intervision to discuss the pro’s and con’s of the first semester. To top the day off, every class presented their Social Project idea to all the other students. During a reception, we could get to know one another, lol, everybody knows everybody already.

Having completed the workshops, all full-time masters students gathered to discover which social projects the different programs will organize this semester. The projects were pitched, possible stage fright was overcome. High time for a drink if you ask me!

So, fellow students, It happened, a new semester is upon us and we are totally ready for it. Let’s make it an awesome one!!

We ended the kick-off with a glass of cava in our hand and a smile on our face. A fair amount of students continued the evening with a visit to de Hovenier, no better way to end your day and really kick-off the second semester. Let’s make it a semester to remember!

P.S. I want to take these last sentences to congratulate my fellow victors (at the end of the day we played a game): Nicolas Lahaye and Annelies Van der Veken, competitive animals :p

– Octavia –
– Emma –