22 Girls, 99 Problems

This is Julie and Phillipe, at the Accenture photobooth! They look so professional in their 'business casual' outfits :-) LOVE IT!!


My name is Isabelle. I’m a MHRM student at AMS. This is my very first post, !!excited scream :-)!!, so I hope you guys like it!

Last week we had a job fair at AMS. You would think that this is an acitivity without any stress for the students. We just needed to listen to all the companies who wanted to hire us.. well this is so not true!

When I first heard about the job fair, my very first thought was: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?? With 22 girls in my class this was the concern of a lot of people ;). The days before the job fair we we’re mostly talking about the outfit that had to be ‘business casual’. Now, business casual, what’s that? A few weeks ago we had a workshop and there they told us you can better be slightly overdressed than underdressed, so we decided we would overdress. One problem solved!! The second problem was our CV.. the most of us didn’t have a good professional photo for their CV. This was something we had to solve before the job fair. Luckily, we have Karlijn in our class who has a good camera and proposed to bring it to school so we could take some good pictures for our CV’s. Thank you Karlijn!! During breaks we took pictures of each other and the result was actually pretty good! So at the day of the job fair we were slightly overdressed :p, had some very professional pictures on our CV’s, we were totally ready to mingle with all the working people. I think I can speak for everybody from my program when I say that it was a really fun day. We learned a lot, spoke with a lot of people and heard some very interesting things. We are already looking forward to the next job fair, the next semester!

Oh god…

What will I wear..

Sorry guys, gotta go, shopping time!!





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Hi, My name is Isabelle Thys. I'm 23 years old and born and raised in Antwerp. I'm following the master human resource management, at AMS. Before this master I studied Social and Economic sciences at the university of Antwerp. Through this website I want to keep you updated! With 22 girls in my program you can expect a lot of girl-problem-related blog posts ;). Hope you like it! Xoxo Isabelle