Humans of AMS: Leyla Nehme


Leyla Nehme, MOF, Lebanon 

“…I just wanted a very weird place that nobody knows about. No one has any idea where Antwerp is. Sometimes you feel like you want to run away and try something new. Just go to a place where you don’t know anyone. You don’t know the language, you don’t know the people…”

“…Once I saw that the tram becomes the metro. That is the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. I was going to the North to pick something up. I looked it up on Google maps and it told me to take the tram but then I needed to go underground. I thought it was wrong. But I got on the tram anyways, and then suddenly it went underground!…”

“…I would love to go to Nepal or Argentina. Argentina has always been my dream destination. I really love the culture and the environment. Everywhere I go I meet Argentinians, there is some sort of attraction there. Even in Lebanon, I met someone from Argentina and it was kind of weird…”

“…Skydiving was great. It was fucking scary. It was the scariest thing of my life. I was on the plane with my friend. Ten minutes before I jumped I told him – we had a war in 2006 in Lebanon and they were bombing the region where I used to live – and I told him that this was even scarier than the Israeli strikes that happened when they were bombing. When there is bombing you can run, or hide, or do something, but when you jump out of a plane – there is nothing you can do. The door is open and you have to jump out…”

Interviewed by Christelle Conti, Smitha Shastry, Sophia Sellars and Julia Ivanishcheva.


Overwhelmed with the loads of work at AMS, we (Christelle, Smitha, Sophia and Julia) decided to find relaxation in creating a new project inside AMSlife. It is quite probable that you are familiar with HONY (Humans of New York). Well, now you will also be introduced to HOAMS – Humans of AMS. That’s right, we are going to pick random people in the foyer or somewhere else in the building and interview them for the blog. With the wide range of diversity the AMS student body has, we aim to capture a glimpse into the different lives of AMS students by taking one story at a time. See our community through the eyes of these students, and take a peek into their realities. Maybe one day we can go outside and interview Antwerp citizens…

Reader, pay attention, one day you may find yourself on these pages 😉