Humans of AMS: Bart Van den Bossche


Bart Van den Bossche, MIE

What did you do before AMS?

I worked for a company for 8-9 months; from January 2015 we started our own department, financial and tax advice for people getting divorced. We helped couples who couldn’t decide on who gets what, and part of our job was to help the court decide on the real value of the stuff. – [How do you decide the real value?] – Oh it’s rather easy: if you don’t like the man – his things are not that expensive; if you don’t like the woman – the other way around.

It was also focused on some basic marketing and business as we can’t go to doorsteps of people shouting: Hey! You need to get a divorce; we are going to help you!

All of a sudden, the building of the department stopped, as we had enough customers and I had to do back-end work, just numbers. Even though my background is accountancy, I like a little chaos in my work, and as an accountant chaos is not allowed.

Why AMS?

I was getting a little tired with my job after 6-7 months, but I had no money to go for another course. But then my car crashed, and the insurance was very-very good and I was already looking into executive masters at AMS, and I started looking into the regular masters. I saw the master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship, and that was what I did for the last six months, I kind of built a new company, even though it was just a department. So I thought, why not learn more about innovative processes and how to go to a company and make it more innovative. It was not that I was sick of my job but I was looking into other things as well.

Can you call yourself a creative person?

Umm! Before I came to AMS, I thought I was the least creative person in the world. Actually as a kid, I painted a lot and the quality of my paintings was shit but I still painted; I wrote a lot of stories, they weren’t that good, but at least I used to write. But then while growing up, and with all the pressure to get some numbers on the table and do a good job at school, you really lose track of that side. And I really started believing that I wasn’t a creative person at all. But here this year, I discovered, with all the different courses, that creativity isn’t just painting or writing. In business creativity is a big part, it’s thinking outside the box, coming up with solutions that might be too far in the future still, but you can prepare for it.

I think I won’t say that I’m the most creative person, my PowerPoints suck, but I think I’m finding my creativity back again and I am very happy about that.


Interviewed by Christelle Conti, Julia Ivanishcheva, Sophia Sellars and Smitha Shastry