HRM & TONY! When you smile, we smile



During this intensive year of studying, meeting new people and having fun, the HRM group also wanted to do something for the community. As a group we wanted to do something positive, fun and inspiring for other people. It’s rather difficult to come up with something like this ourselves so we decided to help out an organization that already existed. After some research we decided that TONY! Was the perfect movement to help out. They are young, fun, positive and inspiring. Just what we were looking for!

Now what is TONY!? TONY! is a youth movement from Bond zonder Naam. This movement engages young people to volunteer by organizing unexpected positive ‘attacks’. Their goal is to bring out the best in people. They use the creative minds of these young people to plan their ‘attacks’. With loads of humor they try to make everyone smile. Their positive vibes inspired all 24 of us.

Their actions are called ‘attacks’, now what are this kind of attacks? The best way to describe them is as actions that are fun, creative, positive and legal. Their attacks get tags and go viral by filming them. When they plan or do an attack they send out a press message to gain media-attention. TONY!’s goal is to motivate young people to do volunteer work. Well, I think I can speak for every HR-student that they definitely inspired us.

One of their actions had to do with the day of the vulnerable road users. This day there is more attention for people who go by foot or bike. When you click the following link you can see their, in my opinion, genious attack! It made me smile instantly!! Check it out:


The HR class is planning an attack to do in the city to help them out and to spread the positive vibes. So people of Antwerp.. Watch out. I’ll keep you posted!

If you want to know more about TONY! Or help them out, go to or check them on Facebook!! And.. Spread the word!!


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