Headache Monday


Hello everybody, my name is Philippe. I’m a HRM student at Antwerp Management School. Yes you’re right, i’m one of the two guys of the HRM class.

A few weeks ago the student counsil organised the very first ‘Thirsty Sundays’. The plan was to have a nice drink with our fellow students from AMS. For me personally, the plan was to be home at 00:30 at the latest (after all, we got class the day after). I got home at 04:00. It was just way too fun to meet so many fellow AMS students. I got to meet people who admired me for being around so many girls all the time, as well as people (aka guys) who were jealous of me. But I can assure you, it’s a lot of fun to have those girls around. But hey, back to the core of my blog. Hearing your alarm after just 4 hours of sleep is awful (at this point I want to excuse myself to Ans De Vos for being so tired during her class). But it was all worth it. Even the headache on monday was tolerable, when I thought of the memories of the night before. Except of course when I thought of everything we drunk. A part of which I blame the MIM class, who thought they had somebody in their class who could drink faster than me. But anyhow, I hope to see you all on the next thirsty sundays of AMS. And please, when you see me after 01:00, send me home.