Ciao, hello, salut, hallo, hi!

Growing up in a very international environment in Luxembourg I feel like I’m coming home at AMS. Entering the gate of our cosy castle in the heart of Antwerp I enter the world of languages and cultures that has been my natural habitat for the first 18 years of my life.
During a day at AMS I go through the whole spectrum of languages that I know.
Entering the school I salute the concierge in Dutch “Hallo, goedemorgen, alles goed?”. When I continue my path I enter the foyer where my friend Rachele waits for me with a cappuccino and I have a chit chat in Italian, my paternal language. During the day I work on group projects, network with students from other masters switching from Dutch to English. Occasionally I also practice my Spanish, French and German with native speakers.
But ofcourse it’s not only about the languages. It’s about the mindset, habits and rituals of people from all parts of the world.
Getting to know the world through the eyes of all the nationalities at AMS is the richest feeling in the world. I have never been on Erasmus and I feel like life is giving me a second chance to learn, grow and party in an international environment.
Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I invited my whole class to have cake and tea at my place. When the time came of the happy birthday song, I invited people to sing the song in their own language.
Happy birthday was sung in Italian, Dutch, French, English, African and German. If that isn’t a lovely way to spend a birthday?
(The picture is part of the MIE Family at my place for my birthday party)
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