Cheese + wine = good time at Plein


On Thursday 26th of February, the Foyer was all set for a cosy cheese and wine evening organized by the Student Council. Around 40 enthusiasts gathered to enjoy some … cheese, wine (what a surprise, I bet you didn’t see this coming) and of course each other’s company.

The attendance rate may have been a bit lower than expected, but the atmosphere exceeded all expectations! Some programs were more present than others, which resulted in some serious cross-program socializing and networking. (Yes, my beloved MGM, I’m talking about you. Only 2 brave students represented the biggest program of AMS. Shaaaame!)

As the wine stock was shrinking, the laughter got a little louder and new friends were made.

Around 9:30 PM it was time to wrap it up. But the night wasn’t about to end just yet. We gathered the attendants and guided them to thé pregame place to be: the legendary Antwerp Student Hostel. Never had the communal area been this crowded. People were playing pool, table football, having a chat and even serious dance-battles were being held. A hostel night as it should be! However, the fun didn’t last too long, since a group of 50 people maybe was a bit too much for the not so extremely big communal area. Oh well, go big or go home, right? High time to hit Plein Publiek!

The attendance rate at Plein was way higher. (MGM compensated for their disappointing presence earlier that night. Shout out to my classmate Quentin, who really put MGM on the map again.) I think it’s fair to say that we owned the place. Everywhere you looked there were full-time master students with a smile on their face. We were one big dancing global family. The combination of good music and good company resulted in a truly unforgettable night.

For those who were absent and wonder about what they missed out on: I’m sorry, I can’t give you any further details. What happens at Plein Publiek, stays at Plein Publiek. Just be there next time, so you can experience it yourself!

To be continued, if you ask me! It’s a well known fact that it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Therefore the Student Council will organize some more stress-relief events like this one, how bow dah? 😉

Your correspondent,

– Octavia –

Pictures by the lovely Heleen De Vos