CEO of Vascobelo visits MIE class


Last Friday Jan de Roeck, CEO of the upcoming Belgian quality coffee brand Vascobelo, visited our class to talk about his career and work at Vascobelo. It was cool to see that he was open to answer all kind of questions we had and even stayed for two hours. It was inspiring how passionate Jan de Roeck was explaining the building of the brand and the whole idea behind it.

While he was telling us his story, he gave us many different advices on how to establish a successful business. I especially liked his idea to copy your best competitors in the mainstream market and then look for the niche, he called it the “small corners”, to deliver to a market your competitors hadn’t considered yet.

Moreover, he pointed out how important it is to work together to be successful in our today’s world as well as in the future. He strongly believes in teamwork and the benefit of diverse backgrounds or perspectives on the same idea. This was great to hear because at AMS we also believe in collaboration and diversity. I am glad that we have a lot of group assignments in a very international class where we learn how to combine our different strengths to create the best possible result for the group.

In the end of our dialogue Jan de Roeck gave everyone a coupon for a free cup of coffee at Vascobelo and invited us to connect with him on LinkedIn or send him an e-mail when we have more questions. It was a great experience for our class to having had the chance to talk personally to such an inspiring and successful man.

Here is a short video that gives you an idea for the brand experience of Vascobelo:
Vascobelo Experience