BONA’petit in Bruges


Team BONA from the MIE 17’ of the Antwerp Management School is trying to tackle the issue of a drop in our performance, as the day progresses and to provide a healthy solution to this problem faced by all of us, by creating healthy, performance boosting snacks. Besides meeting numerous individuals who could help us in our startup, in one way or the other, we also spent a weekend in Bruges for the Food Hackathon.

During this weekend, we met a number of people who were extremely helpful for our whole idea of the startup. We met experts in the food industry and healthy food in particular. Expressing our plans and discussing our idea with these food designers and dietitians, helped us get deeper understanding and more practical approach to our project, as well as explore further dimensions to it.

Though our team comprises of 4 guys from 4 different cultures and academic backgrounds, yet none of us really had reliable experience in cooking. Hence, we also took this opportunity to meet up with chefs that were interesting to us and collaborated with them to create recipes and learn about different combinations in terms of taste, nutritional values and the structure of the snacks. We were successfully able to come up with a few recipes with different ingredients, taste and the health benefits. This proved to be a major step forward in our progress and took us even closer to our ultimate goal!

At the end of the weekend, we presented our idea and the learning from the hackathon in front of a panel of judges. Team BONA stood 2nd and won some hours of coaching from the jury.

Overall, this food hackathon proved to be extremely beneficial for BONA, since we not only created interesting recipes and met people with common interest as ours, we also got feedback on our project from experts and heard their opinions and suggestions to make our plan into a reality!

-Mohammad Osama Nasir-