And what about AMScheese?

Student council members happily preparing the cheese buffet

Last Wednesday evening February 17, the AMS student council transformed our beloved foyer into a cheese and wine bar. After some busy weeks it was time to relax a little. Over 70 students of all programs enjoyed the French Brie, the Holland Gouda cheese and even the pineapple dessert cheese (which was my personal favorite). Besides 12 different kinds of cheese, the student council offered a meat plate and a large assortiment of vegetables. Drinks were served at the bar and as always: our student council worked hard and always kept their smiles on. Here below, you can find some of the nice snaps our AMSlife photographer Julia took that evening. Say cheese!

Students of MIM caught up in cheesy conversations
Besides the basics of a cheese and wine evening (namely cheese and wine), the student council provided us with some healthy rabbit food as well
Astrid (MIM) clearly loves the attention given to her by the photographer: say cheese!
Students of all programs could relax on the student council’s cheese and wine evening in the foyer
Katrien (MHRM) gets caught as she fills up her 9th plate of cheese
Students of MGM claimed the couch in the foyer as their cheese HQ for the evening
Nathalie (MIM), Philippe (MHRM) and Alexander (MIM) of the student council offered their services to help the students out making their choice of cheese
Even though the students of finance have busy weeks ahead, they took the time to mingle with their fellow students from other programs. Happy to have you!
Students of MGM before the opening of the buffet: having a drink and some appetizers
Maxim and Eline of MGM enjoying their appetizers
Maxim and Eline of MGM enjoying their appetizers
The cheese buffet opened at 6.30 P.M., and all tables in the foyer quickly filled up with students hungry for a cosy evening
From left to right: Philippe (MHRM), Karlijn (MHRM), Martine (MHRM) and Michiel (MIM) of the student council; satisfied after an evening of hard work and happy with the result
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