The memories of our first Residential Seminar were only beginning to fade, when we started packing for our second one. What better way to start a New Year than outside the walls of AMS, only this time with all the other programs as well!

On 5th January 2016, we all boarded our buses to Tongerlo. The program boundaries remained limited only till we reached our destination. Once we stepped foot outside, we saw no program lines anymore. Starting with the morning activities we found ourselves chatting and having fun with people from other courses. Some we knew and some we got to know!


After the morning activity, we headed for coffee and a mild brunch. All the programs had some reflection meetings with their groups to analyze their journey through the previous semester. What they learnt, what they could work on and what they would never forget!

The first day of this seminar was all-in-all a recap of what we had done so far and feedbacks from people who had known us for the past four months. This is the point where I could reflect on the quote that I mentioned previously.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world!”

These feedbacks were a means to understand and analyze how far we had come. How much we learnt from the previous seminar, how much we changed and how much more we could polish ourselves to shine brightly like the diamonds we all are!



After a heavy dose of feedbacks, we headed for a presentation of our Corporate Social Responsibility Project, where all programs presented their ideas in a creative way. At the end of this we were offered a few drinks, after which we headed for the activities that had been organized by the Student Council. These were: Quiz, Movie night, Ping-Pong tournament and Casino games. Thanks to the Student Council we all enjoyed the activities that we chose.

Photo Credits: Michiel De Visschere

A great day never ends without a great party! After the activities, we all danced to some great beats played by our very own AMS DJ Alexander Suykens, enjoyed some drinks and prepared for an even more amazing day awaiting us.

Photo Credits: Alexander Suykens

Next morning, as was instructed, we were all ready and packed by Nine to kick-off the day. We worked on our cross program assignments with our groups. Having a great group, this assignment turned out to be great fun for me and hopefully for every other group as well.

After lunch, we headed to the Sports Arena for the Football Tournament. This tournament was a little different from the usual Football matches as girls had to be a part of it as well. The unique rules and combinations made the tournament great to witness. With the victory of the Master of Finance program, this tournament ended.


Photo Credits: Julia Ivanishcheva

After this, we all headed for a quick snack and then we were all set to bid goodbye to these amazing two days. With more programs and more people, we realized that it was a lot more learning, interaction and fun. This time again we boarded our buses with a lot more awareness about ourselves and the people we share our school with.

Credit must be given where required. Hence, I would like to thank AMS Student Council for organizing such an amazing Seminar. This Seminar wouldn’t be as fun without all your efforts.

Cheers to AMS and to all of us!