Bringing people together…


On 30th of January, we stepped outside our comfort zones, left the protected walls of AMS to explore some far lands. We went to the HQ of the biggest (and best of course, it’s still a Belgian company) brewing company in the world. THE place that brings people together in order to make a better world. In other words, we headed to Leuven to our Belgian pride namely ABinBev.

After a long bus ride, we arrived at their site in Leuven: thousands of beer barrels stacked on each other. Yes, this could turn into an interesting afternoon 😉 Maybe I should mention first who came on this glorious trip. It was us, Master of Global Supply Chain Management and a couple of students of the Finance master.

We filled out some safety test as a precaution. You know, these kinds of things that you just brainlessly fill in and then in case something actually happens you have no clue what to do and just run around like headless chickens. Next, we started the actual tour of the brewery. We headed in a room looking over the tanks where they told us how this yellow-golden piece of heaven is being produced.

I can tell you something: if you ever visit a brewery and they ask you kindly if you want to try ‘hobs’, DON’T VOLUNTEER AND DON’T EAT IT. I repeat: DON’T EAT IT! It’s literally one of the most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth in my 22 years of existence.

I don’t want to make this blogpost any more tedious or extensive then it already is, so I am just giving you a couple of impressions I had during the tour.

  • The production process of beer smells like a farm
  • “They boil beer??”
  • We drink a lot of beer
  • They make a lot
  • Really cool people
  • In other words, a cool company!

After an afternoon of walking around, we enjoyed a well deserved beer, or two, or three,… (this went on for a while). To top it of we received a goodie bag with … no shit Sherlock… some beers (not that we were complaining). The bus drive back was filled with laughter and gulping down our goodie bags!

Thank you ABInBev, we had an amazing day!

-Emma Himpe-