Party, Pils and Powerslides


Party, Pils (=beer) and Powerslides. Those are the three P’s of the sustainable relationship between the members of the master HRM. It has been one heck of a semester: our schedule was full of deadlines, presentations, and exams! Oh my. Still, we managed to survive. By occasionally putting on our party hats and dancing shoes, we did not only get to relax, but we became closer as well. During the last weekend of the Christmas Break, we went to the Ardennes to end the first semester and to start the second one in style.

We met in the smallest city of Belgium: Durbuy. We wished each other a happy new year, and drank a “Chouffeke” to get warm (or in the mood). Then, it was time to get to action. In the local town park, we pulled out our (laser)guns and fought each other as if it were a matter of life and death (or up until our feet froze off).

After this physical activity, we went to our chalet in the middle of nowhere. We installed ourselves in this ridiculously cosy cottage, with mugs, hats, paintings, and every kind of souvenir you can think of on the walls. By that time, we got a little hungry and thought that it would be wise to start preparing the barbecue. The boys said: “We got this”.

Two hours later, still no meat. There seems to hide a pyromaniac in every male human, but that doesn’t mean that it can bring food to the table. Luckily, our girl Hélène came to the rescue and all was well.

With our mouths well fed, we needed to train our brains and our throats in a quiz (with occasional drinking games). The Pils in our head and stomach made it somewhat harder to search through our memory. Nevertheless, the phrase “Drink it baby, drink it” will be forever in our minds.

The next day, after sleeping in, we had brunch altogether (and accompanied by some pretty rough hangovers). THE cure for a hangover is some fresh air, so we went for a walk through the white Walloon woods. It was so cold that our coats were even frozen, but being outside gave us new energy. After the walk, we chilled at our chalet: we drank some tea, enjoyed the sauna or took a nap.

We ate dinner to have a good “fondke” for the evening activity: ‘a cantus’. A ‘cantus’ is a typical Belgian event of student clubs where the members all sing and drink together (cantus means song in Latin). The theme was “Duo’s”, so we all dressed up as famous or less famous duo’s like Minnie & Mickey Mouse, bride & groom, and pizza & pizza delivery guy. We sang like nobody was watching, and beer and wine flowed generously to clear our throats. With time, the cantus turned into a real party where beats were going and drinks were flowing.

The day after was a bit less fun, but we all joined forces to clean up the chalet and to leave our landlady satisfied. We all said our goodbyes, and the next day we would start our second semester together. And I knew, that with this group of people, it will be even better than the previous one.

-Jente Van Doren-