AMS Christmas Market


It’s official, the AMS Christmas market was magic! The Student Council did a great job in decorating our beloved foyer. This special and fairy tail decoration made it an unforgettable evening. Everyone took a lovely picture with their friends in the photo booth underneath the big Christmas tree. It felt like one big cosy family gathering. While enjoying some Glühwein and hot chocolate (some with Baileys), the end of our first exam period was celebrated. To satisfy the enormous cravings we had, there were loads of hotdogs and lovely Dutch mini pancakes, also known as ‘poffertjes’. To bulge out, you could relax on the couch while enjoying the very popular and traditional Christmas movie Home Alone on a big screen. However, there was less attention for the movie because everybody felt more like catching up, bringing up anecdotes from the past semester. We also had a message wall where everybody could write loving and precious notes to each other.

We, MIM class, can look back on a great first semester with onboarding days, a residential seminar in Wemeldinge, HEC visits in Luik and company visits to Volvo and Desco. But we can’t forget that there is a downside to the end of this semester: we have to say goodbye to two classes namely 3CMGM and CEB. They will leave AMS next semester to go to other amazing countries such as Brasil, The USA (New York) and China!! Second semester will therefore be much quieter in the foyer but … the MIMS will stay for the homey atmosphere.





We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a very good and healthy New Year! May 2017 be a healthy, educational and defiant year.

– Benoît Scholten –