Dance with the HR-Duvel


Duvel, Seef beer and a pack of french fries, that were made on a humanitarian and sustainable (thank god not purple) way. Was this the ideal combination to get through the International Dinner (sober?!)? The winners of the International Dinner, our South Asian Indian friends, will take this thought into consideration. The party could finally start after a long, exceptional objective and razor-sharp analysis of the well chosen advisory board. Time flew by, dancing the night away on the sick beats of dr. Dré, watching Martin’s extravagant moves. The HR-beers were a booming business, reaching a climax on the tunes of Gangnam Style. The entire stock of Duvel and Seef beers were -to nobody’s surprise- sold out in a matter of time. There was only one thing on our minds: ‘What if?’. ‘What if there had been more Duvel and Seef beers at our disposal?’ Our sincere condolences for the Indians, whose thoughts were already drifting away, back to Mumbai. In the meanwhile, (the HR-French fries were already digested) the party continued at De Hovenier and Cafe De Prof. The HR-clan initiated ‘the dance with the Duvel’… but the mystery kept us up at night for days: ‘What if there had been more Duvel and Seef beers at our disposal?!’

-Florian Stove-

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